Owner Gary Carlo has over 30 years of experience in structural integrity, metal fabrication and welding, bringing expertise to each project. Our design team is skilled in every area of the meticulous detail that goes into creating a gate, stall system, aluminum fencing, or any other metal project to create an end result you will be proud of for years to come. We are equipped to manufacture all types of projects from aluminum or steel.

Custom Gates


We bring your ideas to life with our beautifully crafted custom gates for every setting including farms, residential & commercial.

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Access Systems & Servicing

Access Systems
& Servicing

We help you choose and implement the best gate opening system for your needs from sensor probes or keypads, to telephone intercom systems.

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Railings & Fencing

Railings &

Whether your needs are property protection, pool or balcony safety, or a landscaping project, we can offer you the highest quality railings & fences.

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Equine Products & Stall Fronts

Equine Products
& Stall Fronts

Our equine products and stall fronts are designed with safety and functionality a priority. We can also create and build one-of-a-kind projects for your barn.

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Custom Furniture


Our metal or combined metal with wood designs includes pieces that are either classic or modern, using a variety of wood and metals both old & new.

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Welding / Fabrications / Repairs

Welding /
Fabrications / Repairs

We offer high quality welding & repairs to steel or aluminum products, including but not limited to horse trailers, existing gates, motorbikes, atv’s, etc.

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With the simplest access control system, known as a sensor probe, a sensor located alongside the roadway recognizes the metal mass of an approaching vehicle and signals the gate to open. Upon entering the property, it is called “free entry”. This same type of sensor can be used to exit the property known as “free exit”. Although this is the simplest system, it is also the least secure. In order to increase security with a sensor probe, you can use a timer to program the system to open automatically only during certain hours. Another method, such as a keypad or radio transmitter, can then be used to open the gate during off hours to limit access.

Another simple system is a radio transmitter (radio remote control), which operates just like a garage door opener and signals the operator to open the gate any time you push the button on the radio transmitter. The gate opener is typically set up to automatically close after the vehicle goes through, or can be programmed to close by pushing the transmitter button again.

A key pad system allows access by entering a code number(s), which the system is programmed to accept. A timer can be added to the system for more security. The key pad box is located on a post near the gate conveniently situated for approaching vehicles.

A step up from the key pad is a telephone intercept system, which is connected to your cell/office and/or home phone. When someone approaches the gate, they use the key pad to dial a code or phone number as instructed. The system then dials the cell/office/home phone and the person answering can open the gate by pushing a number on their phone.

This system alerts you to entering and exiting vehicles as they approach the sensor located beside your driveway. The wireless signal is transmitted to the receiver set in your office/home.